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Schools Involved in this Project

This are the schools that are included in the current project

The project "School Kits" goal is to provide kids with low or no financial resources with a complete uniform, such kit will consist of one back pack, one pair of shoes, one trousers or skirt, two shirts, two pairs of socks and a jersey. The target is to provide 50 kids with the school kits, we will start with 1st to 3rd grade kids from three primary schools at the time and continuing with further projects throughout the year to cover as many schools as possible as well as all the grades. The project will run from the first week of December 2016 until the las week of February 2017 and during the month of March 2017 School Bits will be delivering the School Kits to the kids who need it the most.


School bits will deliver gratification letters written by our kids to all our supporters, to our outstanding supporters we will send on top of the gratification letter a set of photographies from the delivering ceremony and to our major supporters we will deliver a gratification letter, a set of our delivering ceremony and a video recording containing the delivering ceremony as well as a personal video gratification from one of the kids and his or her parents.


Deliver 1 School Kit to 50 kids from 3 primary schools



Raise Funds equal to R40,000


Window Period

Three months from December 2016



R250 Electronic Gratification Letter.

R500 Electronic Gratification letter plus Photographic Set.

R1000 Handwritten Gratification letter plus Photographic Set plus a Video of the delivery event.

R2000 Handwritten Gratification letter plus Photographic Set plus Gratification Video and Invitation to the delivery event.



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If you would like to help in any other way kindly contact us just scroll down and fill in the contact form.


School Kits Project Breakdown


We want to help and we can use YOUR help!

School Bits was created to help kids with low or no resources to have a better school experience. We will constantly launch projects to aid as many kids as we can in Primary schools in Atlantis. The current project goal is to provide 50 kids with a school kit containing a back pack and a school uniform (shoes, pants, two shirts, two pairs of socks and a sweater).


We will gather a list of candidates by approaching the schools principals and teachers and ask them to help us identify kids that can be benefited from this project since school teachers see the real conditions in which the kids come to school every day.


Each raising funds campaign will run for two to three months and we will do our best to reach the target. If the target is not reached in this period we will randomly select the kids that will receive the school kits that we can obtain according to the funds raised during this period of time. If we raise funds above the target we will use the remainder funds to further supply the same kids with as many academic kits as possible. Each academic kit will consist of 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, 2 erasers, 1 color pencils pack, 1 Pritt, 1 ruler, 1 cello tape and 3 plastic rolls and it will be given in a random selection.


School Bits is formed by concerned parents that had witnessed the impact on kids that live in areas with scarce financial resources such as Atlantis and we just want to find a way to help our community’s youth to at least have the very basic needs to attend school. In many cases kids cannot attend school without a uniform since the uniform is required by most schools and in most cases kids go to school with under and oversized or raged clothes and shoes and this make kids feel different and insecure and run the risk of being bullied or at least stereotyped thus distracting their minds from focusing on class losing the opportunity to realize their true potential and resulting in low grades, furthermore such situations diminish the children's ability to develop a healthy self esteem and creates insecurities rendering our youth as easy targets for gangster activities, drugs and alcohol abuse.


We have a logo & website donation that will be up and running before December courtesy of Pro Web Design.


We will deliver different types of gratification packages, from hand written gratification letters to photographic and video material of the delivery ceremony of the kits as a reward to our contributors.


We believe we can make a difference if we focus on our kid’s education because the future rest on their shoulders. We can all help bit by bit.


Educated Kids = Better future




Jeni-Lee Doty


School Bits


We want to help and we can use YOUR help!



School Bits thanks the help and support of all our partners, sponsors, collaborators and supporters.

  • Pro Web Design

    Pro Web Design helped us by donating our website as well as with our logo. Thank you very much!


Atlantis Direct

  • Atlantis Direct

    Atlantis Direct contributed with advertisement space to help us spread the project. Thank you very much!


  • Community Centre

    Saxon Sea Community Centre will be hosting our delivery event. Thanks so much to Karen for all the help provided.

    Atlantis, Saxonsea, Hermes Avenue

    Tel no: 021 5726910

  • Impact News

    Impact News is currently helping with the project promotion through printed and electronic media. Thanks to Peter for the help and interest in our project. Keep an eye on Impact News for articles related to our project as well as other interesting projects.

School Bits would like to thank Impact News for the featured article supporting our project. School Bits would like to ask the Atlantis community to help the project by spreading the voice and contribute when possible. Impact News is a local newspaper dedicated to keep our community up to date with the everyday events and happenings as well as upcoming events so if you would like to know what is going on Impact News will keep you updated.


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